Blogs we read

The FS Family does read other blogs. We need some inspiration now and then, even to follow our own dreams and these blogs give us the necessary hit to keep the high going.

MrMoneyMustache & EarlyRetirementExtreme

Both blogs have heavy US based content. Mr. MM and Jacob retired in their early 30s. The MMM blog has a lot of information and a community to help with frugal living and reducing expenses with real anecdotes. Jacob has more varied content on his ERE blog including lots more information on frugal living.



This is a couple who will retire in end 2017. Their thought process is very inspiring and I have learnt a lot reading their blog

Rockstar Finance

Rockstar Finance is a community rather than a blog. They have a complete directory of finance blogs and also provide a superb platform for bloggers to get some exposure. Do visit their site and review their list of best blog posts.

RootofGood and Retireby40

Both Blog owners retired about 3 years ago and share their experiences after retirement. These blogs are more about their life and can be read more for inspiration rather than information


Mr.FS is binge reading this blog for the last week or so. This is a couple who retired in their early 30s about 3 years back and have been travelling around the world. This blog has good info on travel hacks and their experience ‘slow’ travelling around the world.