Our travel plans for the year

This is a non-finance post, so feel free to skip today. As I had mentioned in the previous post, we have sat down and discussed our spending plan for the year. About 21% of the total year expenses will be on trips outside Mumbai.

Visiting Family

Both sets of parents stay in opposite directions from Mumbai. Mine stay in South India while the Mrs’ parent stay in the north. So we normally plan separate trips to meet each. We will travel down south to meet my parents once in Q1 and hopefully also complete formalities on our first real estate investment. We will also travel once in Q2 & Q3. First when we have a housewarming ceremony for the house my parents are building and second when my brother and family visit. That will be one time when all of us get together in the year and I get to meet my nieces, a quiet elder and a naught younger one.

We are also travelling to the north in Q1 and meeting my in-laws. They will hopefully also travel for the housewarming ceremony and we will meet them again during Diwali in Q4 of the year.

Snowfall in Dalhousie

We visited a lot of beached last year and the Mrs. wanted to do something different this year. I have also been wanting to experience snowfall for sometime and so we have a trip planned to Dalhousie in the end of January. We will spend 5 nights there and praying for the weather gods to be kind and shower us with snow at least 1 day. We will also have a brief stop over at the in-laws as mentioned above. We are trying to minimize the cost by using trains and public transport where possible. Will try to have a post of how we planned the trip after we are back.

Mid-year Trip

We generally do a road trip around mid-year. We have not yet planned a destination yet. The Mrs. wants to visit Dubai while I want to do a trip on the Maharashtra Coastal Road after monsoons are done. It will depend on which month we decide for travel and cost. The road trip on the coastal road will certainly be cheaper, but if Dubai fits within the budget we could do that too.


Last year we decided to stay in Mumbai for Diwali. The year before we had visited Jaisalmer with the in-laws. I want to go visit the in-laws and plan another trip this year and visit Jodhpur and Udaipur. Have to wait and see what the Mrs. wants though.

In terms of travel this will be another normal year. The cost will be higher than 2016 when we did only road trips and so saved money on travel. But it will be lesser than 2017 when we visited the Maldives. As you can also see the dates are pretty open as of now except for the trip in January. We have generally planned trips only 1.5 or 1 month in advance earlier. This year I want to plan at least 2 months in advance to see if that helps reduce the cost of tickets and hotels. Will try to read up on travel blogs to see what hacks can be used. Please share any information that you think can help us!

What are your plans for the year to break the monotony and recharge yourself?


  1. I love planning travel! Thanks for sharing. This is one of our biggest expense categories each year and I would not have it any other way.

    1. Yes. Me too. I love reading up on places and travelogues! The only aspect I hate is the discussion on dates. The Mrs’ office is a bit too ‘Indian’ on holidays. In India general trend is holidays are ok during the festive season, but anything longer than a week is generally only for your own wedding! And if you are planning long trips are successive months, be prepared to have a strong discussion with your boss :). That is one reason why we are trying to plan our holidays more in advance this year.
      The Mrs. & I have had completely different experiences with travel. She has travelled across India when young with family, while I had never travelled outside my state until I started work. I have sort of discovered travel over the last 5 years and now it is a necessity. Need not necessarily be an ‘out of the world’ experience, but somewhere where we can unwind and relax.

    1. We own a Honda Jazz that we bought new in 2015. Financially, we would have been better off with a second hand car, but a new car was non-negotiable for the Mrs. We do not use the car for office travel though, since public transport via trains is a much better option in Mumbai. So it is mostly used only on the weekends and trips outside Mumbai. We visited Ajanta/Ellora and a few trips to the Konkan coast in the last couple of years. We did a road trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, but that was in the in-laws’ car. Hoping to do at least 1 long trip and a couple of weekend trips every year.

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